Selected texts

The critic Olga Bubich interviewed a leading documentary photographer Peter Bialobrzeski, who shared his views on distance and attachment also demonstrating at the example of his works the link that exists between art and photography

Olga Bubich talked to Hellen van Meene about the difficultues of shooting subjects from various cultural backgrounds, common features of portraiture in art and photography and the future that lies ahead of this genre.

Olga Bubich managed to get in touch with the renowned master and story-teller and address him a few questions about his vision of contemporary photography

Veronica Fieiras, a photographer from Argentina, about her book “The Disappeared” – the artist’s emotional statement about a cruel page in her country’s history, her pain and the recovery of lost memories of 30 000 dictatorship victims

Olga Bubich studies a number of projects made both by classics and contemporary photographers and attempts to outline functions and specific features crying has in each of them.

Ann-Christin Bertrand, a C/O Berlin curator, states that photography is no more about “having a print, framing it and putting it on the wall”. What is it then and how it will look in 10 years? Ann-Christin Bertrand answeres the questions of “Bleek Magazine” regular critic Olga Bubich

Founder and director of the world known gallery Catherine Edelman tells Bleek Magazine why working at the art-market today it is so important to ask questions, be honest and not afraid of anything new

Olga Bubich talks with a Singapore-based photographer Sean Lee – the author of the award-winning story about a female character Shauna in whose body the artist “lived” for 2 years exploring delicate relations between reality and fiction in photography

The author of the impressionist-looking dreamy images that take an intermediary position between paintings and photography, according to LUMAS, one of the most popular foreign photographers in Russia – Pep Ventosa shares his vision on commercial success in today’s art scene

Photography as passion, seduction and a moral imperative. Photography as an eco-system, hatred and an after-feeling of the unwritten play. Photography as a thing you cannot keep unsaid. Simon Norfolk talks to «Bleek Magazine», and the interview results in the most emotional long read aimed at those full of hatred and a need to take action

One of the most mysterious European photographers speaks about his fears of passing time, interest in photographing strangers and advantages of making mistakes

Dutch photographer met Olga Bubich and talked to her about the changes in on-the-spot reporting of events, dangers of avant-garde vanity publishing and underrated books

Jessie Mann, the eldest daughter of the legendary American photographer Sally Mann, talks about the creative universe she has been part of all her life, her unfinished imaginary biography and the art of being a muse.

Donald Weber shares his vision on current trends, topics and problem zones of the “New East”, dwells on the difference between inspiration and copying and provides young artists with universal advice by challenging them to answer several dozens of “wh-questions”

Is a photobook a collectable object or a trick festivals and publishing houses use to earn more money? Which guidelines do art consumers follow when purchasing a photoprint – their own taste or gossip? And finally – who is Martin Parr? Roland Angst – on some of the questions that worry us most

Together with Oliver Chanarin, Adam Broomberg illustrated the Bible with archive photographs, used a roll of photographic paper to raise the issue of war and three-dimensional facsimile of faces created by a special facial recognition system – to speak about «citizens of the XXI century». He is an artist, a thinker and a lecturer – the only photographer in conversation with whom one can mention God and revolution, Trump and giraffes.

Landscape or a portrait? White and small or large and dark? The mathematics of Asian photography market in the interview with a Hong Kong art gallery owner

When an anthropologist starts photographing… «The Italian Asian» Margot Errante – on taboos in Chinese portraits, the therapy of mirrors and the governments we deserve

Olga Bubich on directions of the photographer’s and his protagonist’s eyes and temptations of plain hashtags

An essay by Olga Bubich on a controversial series of photographs/document Madhouse (Durdom), taken by Galina Moskaleva and Vladimir Shakhlevich in a historical turning point: the period of liquidation of the USSR and proclamation of independent Belarus. By means of creating a collage, the artists compare the image and energy of the rally in Minsk on November 7, 1991 with children-patients in the mental house in Novinki.

There is no need to explain why the hijab is a symbol of danger for many people today. And nevertheless, after photographer Ksenia Diodorova talked to hijab-wearing Muslim women, she came to the conclusion that they have a lot in common with the women who don’t cover their faces.

What is there in common between an open pink beauty bag, half a melon, or a a hatch covered in moss? Dasha Buben, a feminist, artist, and photographer from Gomel, is certain that all those objects can help draw attention to women’s issues. Since spring 2016, Dasha has been capturing and posting everyday objects on her Instagram that look like vulvas with the hashtag #everydayifindnewpussy. She talked to Bird in Flight about why she looks for similarity to body parts in hollows and fruits and how it helps advocate for women’s rights.

Olga Bushkova, a mathematician who moved from Russia to Switzerland, creates a photo project about spooglers — the wives of Google employees. When they break out of the hamster wheel of their lives back home, they face boredom and a lack of knowledge about their own interests.